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Bruno is Back!

Button Men: Bruno! Four new characters, a new die type (Berserk!), and art by Dan Smith. They are now available for order as a set. The set of four buttons is $9.00 + shipping.

Bruno Buttons

Berserk Dice: Berserk Dice are introduced in the Bruno! expansion to Button Men. Berserk dice are denoted by a small "B" on the die frame. Berserk dice cannot be used in a Skill Attack, but may make Power Attacks normally. They also have a third attack, called a Berserk Attack, which is the equivalent of a Speed Attack. In a Speed Attack, one die can capture any number of dice which add up exactly to its value. After making a Berserk Attack, the Berserk die is replaced by a non-Berserk die half its size (round fractions up) before rerolling.

Swing Dice: The Bruno! expansion set uses X, T, and U swing dice. X dice can be any integral size from 4 to 20, T can be any integral size from 2 to 12, and U can be any integral size from 8 to 30.

If you're not familiar with Button Men, check out the Cheapass Games secret website and the, the Button Men fan site.


The set of four Bruno! Button Men is $9.00. No matter how many sets in the order, shipping (by USPS Priority Mail) is $4.80, or $6.50 if insurance is requested (under 2008 new rates). Payment for orders can be made by check or money order sent to me:

Hunter Johnson
305 S. Main St.
Centerville, OH 45458

or by credit card through Revolution Money Exchange or through PayPal's cart:

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I have a verified PayPal account, so buyer protection is guaranteed. Revolution Money Exchange is preferred. If you sign up for a new account with them to order one or more Button Men sets, they'll give me a reward of $10 and I'll send half of that back to you once it's cleared.


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